Marie Pravda & Fleika takeover

Club: starts at 11:30 p.m.

fr 12012423:30 Club DJ

The musical story of Marie Pravda begins in the Olomouc Metro chill out club, where every party was more like an afterparty, and the bpm rarely exceeded 110. The great secret of the truth (Pravda in Czech) has been revealed. Its continuation brings us to Prague, where Marie soon acts as a pleasant refreshment in a city full of monotonous techno. She quickly gets her bearings, and her refined tracks can be heard on her show Narrativ on the Punctum radio. A couple of years of hard work spent on the internet searching for the out of ordinary music and mixing it in her home studio are finally bearing fruit: the first big gigs are coming up, as well as residencies at Ankali and Planeta Za. She recently became part of the international exchange program Gravity between residents of Jasna1 club in Warsaw, Revier Südost in Berlin and Ankali in Prague. By the time she started to play more and more abroad, mix it up in Garage Noord (Amsterdam), Jasna 1 (Warsaw), Laut (Barcelona) or infamous Panorama bar (Berlin) & many more. She is always proving her skill at exchanging the energy with the crowd on the dancefloor and convincing dancers that music is the best storytelling. Her dance sets can be fierce and uncompromising, and conversely, the listening ones will take you over the valleys and ridges of your long journey. From complete ecstasy to the darkest corners of mind. Avid digger & person who sees things in a different way. Always preserving the realness.