Manul + No Vida + Lachsfarbe Links

No Expectations Records presents

fr 12072420:00 Abendkassa Live

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No Vida (Noiserock/Punk, Praha/Novy Bor)

The five-piece noise-shoegaze-punkrockers from Praha/Novy Bor are back. Those who have seen them playing at our beloved venster last november remember the highly energetic drum and bass driven walls of guitar riffs and nicely intertwined melodies of the vocalists. They also bring their album „BAU“ on vinyl, so don’t miss on that.

Manul (Experimental/Indie, Vienna)

Manul from Vienna make experimental indie/postrock and have just released their amazing demo tape on no expectation records. If you haven’t seen them yet, here’s another chance to whitness this amazing duo: playful, even hypnotic soundscapes and rhythms, spatious songs that open up before crumbling and minimalistic vocal harmonies.

Lachsfarbe Links (psychedelic cabbage punk, Vienna)

Lachsfarbe Links from Vienna is some kind of psychedelic-krautrock influenced punk-amimal. Since their last gigs earlier this year, they ve been working on new material.