LIVE: Patrick Lammer (Album Presentation) + Neuschnee (solo)

sa 28012319:30 Abendkassa Live
Neuschnee (Solo)
that´s Hans Wagner, Multi-instrumentalist, theater musician, sound engineer and singer/mastermind of the band „Neuschnee“. He loves fiddling in the studio but also thrives as a live performer and has been contributing to and shaping the citys musical landscape for the past ten years with projects like „Neuschnee“ (chamber-musical pop/rock with a string quartet), „Hans im Glück“ (Indie-electro-Punk), „das trojanische Pferd“ (chanson-Punk) and „Pippa“ (literary pop). Due to his early contact to classical music on one and his love for popular music on the other hand, he works in musical border areas, creating his own vision of crossover music.
Patrick Lammer
Patrick Lammers debut album, to be released January 27th, 2023, is an epic, deeply personal collection of songs that don´t shy away from exploring the extreme highs and lows of human experience. Centered around the piano, inspired by everything from classical music up to the fearless indie artists of the 90s, the songs will come alive on stage this evening, together with his collaborator and co-producer Bernd Satzinger on guitar and modular synth, to take listeners on an emotional journey that has proven to leave a long-lasting impression.

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