LIVE: Les Lekin + Liquid Sun

fr 09122219:30 Abendkassa Live
Les Lekin
Instrumental Heavy Psych
Some say Any soul comes from a past, origin unknown, it is altered by the ongoing process of being Any memory is forged in the now, emotion and consistency give them value Any desire is focused at the future, aspirates energy and points a direction The soul is the compass to the final purpose, the cause of being If a mind experiences life as a process of becoming and decay, the shell becomes a cage A frail ego, an inert mind withers the shell, tearing it between past and future, aspirating the soul to fill a void Let go all habits and dreams, invite yourself to a Concert Of Inner Silence Embracing the Unconsciousness is a Future Path for All
Liquid Sun
Heavy Psychedelic Rock
Coming from an instrumental jam background the group just released their first full lenght album “Visions of a Spectral Mind”, incorporating vocals as well as new songwriting techniques for a versatile psych experience. Heavy riffs are contrasted with tasteful dreamy clouds of sound emphasising a constant dynamic development thoughout each track. The Heavy Psych trio is always trying to go new ways musically and steer their distinct Fender strat driven sound into new territories.…/visions-of-a…
AK: 13€
Artwork by Simon Schwärzer