LIVE: Coltaine (GER) + Kariti (IT) + DJ Sonja from Baits (AT)

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sa 04032319:30 VVK + Abendkassa Live
Im Zuge der Tour, von Coltaine und Kariti haben wir die Ehre am 04. März 2023 eine Show im rhiz Vienna veranstalten zu können. Diesmal mit Afterparty und DJ-Set von DJ Sonja from Baits!
VVK: € 11,-
AK: € 13,-
Coltaine (GER)
Versatile hard rock quartet, Coltaine, thrive on contrast and are five records into their journey. There is a ferocious energy and rhythmic nuance to the band that delivers devastating guitar riffs in a raw blend of progressive, dark, neo-psychedelic rock with a twist of doom. The lineup around the two brothers has changed over the years, now there in 4 with an incredible frontwoman with a very powerful voice, this short video gives some idea of what Coltaine is live today.
Kariti (IT)
Kariti means “to mourn the dead” in ancient church Slavonic. It is a solo journey of a Russian born artist currently based in Italy. The debut record ‘Covered Mirrors (’ was released by Aural Music, represents a cathartic peregrination through bereavement and was mastered by Lorenzo Stecconi (Zu, Ufomammut, Grime). Besides the recent tour with Coltaine, kariti played a handful of solo shows in Italy and Slovenia once the pandemic allowed it, alone or sharing the stage with Conny Ochs (GER), Messa (ITA) e Grift (SWE) so far. More solo shows are planned for fall & winter 2022/23
Special Guest DJ Sonja from Baits: Lo-Fi Indie Punk, Slacker Pop
Wir freuen uns auf euch!
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