tender hardcore and punchy pop punk

di 17091920:30 Abendkassa Live

Sooo we’re kicking off an intense week of punk rock partying on this tuesday night with some tender hardcore and punchy pop punk music that’s just gonna sound right for any bunch of hopeless leisure drunks careless enough to roam the gürtel bars for fuel on any other occasion so let’s not make too much of a fuzz and just add our parts to vienna city’s cacophony BLAAAM!

SMALL HOURS have an infectious EP out, let’s hope they’ll play it over twice, check it out here:

CANDY BEAT CAMP will be bringing you new songs of their upcoming LP and pick out some classics from their 15-year history, listen here:

there will only be tickets at the door.
doors at 8pm, I guess.

stick around for details, thanks & see you!!