Lingua Ignota, Bruckmayr 2.0

rhiz. Permanent Underground

sa 12101921:00 VVK + Abendkassa Live

new single from her album Caligula: “Do You Doubt Me Traitor”

vk soundbase / jugendinfo 13.-, ak 15.-

On her new album CALIGULA, Lingua Ignota takes Kristin Hayter’s vision to a new level of grandeur, purging her and vengeful audial vision going beyond anything preceding it and reaching a new unparalleled sonic plane. Eschewing and disavowing genre altogether, Hayter builds her own world. She fully embodies the moniker Lingua Ignota, from the German mystic Hildegard of Bingen, meaning “unknown language” — this music has no home, any precedent or comparison could only be uneasily given, and there is nothing else like it in our contemporary realm.

Due out July 19th, CALIGULA finds Hayter at the peak of her powers as a vocalist, composer, and storyteller. The album refuses to settle in any known lane, instead opting to tackle massive scopes and influences spanning across time and place. One thing remains unchanged, though: Hayter continues to explore themes of violence and vengeance through a survivalist narrative that is equal parts chilling and empowering.

Working closely with Seth Manchester at Machines With Magnets studio in Rhode Island, Hayter strips away much of the industrial and electronic elements of her previous work. Channeling the menacing intensity of her live performances, Hayter utilised unconventional recording techniques and live instrumentation to bring a frenetic energy to CALIGULA.

Pooling talent from Sam McKinlay (THE RITA), visceral drummer Lee Buford (The Body) and frenetic percussionist Ted Byrnes (Cackle Car, Wood & Metal), with guest vocals from Dylan Walker (Full of Hell), Mike Berdan (Uniform), and Noraa Kaplan (Visibilities), CALIGULA is a massive work, a multi-layered epic that gives voice and space to that which has been silenced and cut out.


elvin brandhi ist leider kruzfistig verhindert, stattdessen

Dr. Bruckmayr, beknnt und beliebt als Vokalist der Theatertechnopunks Fuckhead und der Elektropopper Wipeout spielt eins seiner raren, unverwechselbaren und äusserst sehens -und hörenswerten solokonzerte.