Laena Myers + Blasser Kyren

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Laena Myers (formerly known as Laena Geronimo, Laena Myers-Ionita and Laena M.I.) is a singer, songwriter, composer, violinist and multi-instrumentalist from Los Angeles, CA. She studied classical violin for 15 years and has spent the last 18 years touring and recording internationally as a singer, songwriter and musician specializing in violin, bass, and guitar. Laena is also active as a songwriting teacher/mentor/producer through the non-profit organization Jail Guitar Doors USA.

Since 2011, Laena has devoted her main focus towards her own creative projects, beginning with Raw Geronimo- a six-piece band which she lead as sole songwriter and main vocalist (LP Dream Fever released by Neurotic Yell Records in 2013). In 2015 the band was renamed FEELS after it took on a distinctly more collaborative and punk ethos as a four-piece, with Laena adding guitar to her vocal duties (full-length albums FEELS, released by Castle Face Records in 2016, Post Earth, released by Wichita Recordings in 2019, and EP Subversive Reaction released by Deemed Printable in 2021). In 2018 she began sporadically performing original works as a solo artist, including a live set at Echo Park Rising Festival. Laena adopted the moniker L.M.I. for the project in 2019, amidst the production of LUV (Songs of Yesterday). The track “L.U.V.” off of the upcoming album was used in advertising for fashion brand CELINE’s Spring 2020 campaign. She has since re-named the project simply Laena Myers and is soon to be performing live locally as well as internationally in support of her latest album release, coming out Feruary 24th, 2024 .


The last dance and dreamy, shimmering sound. Lyrics of everyday dichotomy, embedded in melodic alternations of electric guitars synthesizers and odd driving rhythms. Blasser Kyren creates an idiosyncratic, transgressive sound world with the scent of Gürtelbogen.