Kara Delik + T.R.A.S.H. + hell

mi 21022420:00 Live

20:00 doors, 20:30 first band sharp!
12€ AK, Remaining money goes to Venster99!

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Kara Delik

The amazing Berlin trio kara delik are coming back to Vienna with another great record, „Singularities IV“, on their way to Ment Festival. Their trademark Turkish psych postpunk vibes already brought a packed Venster99 to shake last May, let’s do it once again at Rhiz!


t.r.a.s.h. are Nolte & Berni from Bad Weed and deliver you finest no wave/kraut noise mixes with (anti) new age feelings. trippy, loud & funky. you gotta love this weirdo duo!


hell is a new Vienna-based dark wave project with present guitar, synth, vocals, drum machine, and bass sometimes you will hear some German punk and NDW influences, and it hits right into the gut. very excited to have them on board for the first time!