Verschoben: Kamizdat x Rhiz #2 / Terranigma & 5237 + Evren da Conceição Live

ACHTUNG! Evren da Conceição will perform!!!

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█ Terranigma █
Terranigma – Črt Trkman, a music producer, longtime sound engineer and DJ, has been working in different aspects of music production and reproduction for more than 10 years. During this time he played all bigger club events and festivals in Slovenia. Apart from live performances and productions he’s recently increasingly focused on music production, which can be noticed on his latest electro infused HydroZone EP and his last year’s Booster Pack EP.
█ 5237 █
5237 – Stella Ivšek is a graphic designer and live visual artist based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She is a multimedia artist involved in sound visualization, video animation and video editing. She has been working as a VJ for several years at many different musical and artistic festivals and club events in Slovenia. Together with Anja Romih – SMECH – they curate within the osmo/za framework the “V2V”, monthly meetings of creators of video art, installations and visualizations to establish conditions for more intensive and lasting cooperation, development and integration of the local creative community. She has left a mark on Kamizdat record label with many album covers, designs, live visuals, which constitute the image of Kamizdat.
█ Evren da Conceição Live █
Evren is a DJ, music producer, sound and performance artist who works in club, public space, theater, film and gallery contexts. She is best known for her highly energetic, driving and intense DJ sets and live electronic music performances, which are influenced by a wide range of styles, be it underground techno, acid, electro or experimental electronic music. Her affection for analogue sounds and machines drives her to mix in a hard, uncompromising style, combining industrial beats with acidic, spacey, tribal, dubby and ambient elements. Due to her multidisciplinary background and education, she regards individual and extensive conceptual frameworks as paramount importance for her work and enables her a diverse approach to any project she puts her mind to.
█ Kamizdat █
Kamizdat is a Slovene free-form boutique netlabel for Creative Commons music by local artists exploring a wide range of genres often packaged in locally-made and unique hand-numbered limited editions.