K NOT K – CINE CONCERT: L’INHUMAINE (de Marcel Herbier, 1924)

Cine-concert with a special soundtrack // retro-futurisme, sci-fi, French avant-garde.

do 18012421:00 Live Performance
A cine-concert with a special soundtrack composed by the psychedelic-synth-pop duo K not K for the silent film
“L’Inhumaine” (de Marcel Herbier, 1924) – retro-futurisme, sci-fi, French avant-garde.
The premiere of this cine-concert took place in Lyon in april 2019, under the patronage of the French Cultural Institute.
K not K ( a k a Karpov not Kasparov) are known for their live concerts across Europe (they played in 40 out of 44 countries on our continent) but they are also appreciated for their avant-garde cine-concert series.
A new K not K album will be released soon with the UK label Disco Halal / Warner Music.
Kindly supported by Stadt Wien MA7