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Leeds duo Guttersnipe wield guitar, drums, electronics and voice to unleash brutal rainbow abstraction, smothering the Rock idiom in hyper-accelerated bio-luminescent hysteria! Formed in 2014 with the initial aim to marry the dislocated rhythms of no-wave and noise rock to the batshit insane solos on „Reek of Putrefaction“ by Carcass then churning it out with the intensity of extreme free-jazz and punk. Guttersnipe have slowly developed into a brutalist power duo, hucking absurdist yelping and electro-shock riffs across a skree of Moiré-ing patterns with the time dial set to ‚loose‘. The result is simultaneously uplifting and terrifying.

After ceaselessly disassembling stages across Europe and North America, The Big Pause of 2020 put Guttersnipe into a hibernation/stasis, emerging zombielike for just a handful of appearances, playing only 8 live shows so far this decade! With 2024 marking the ten year anniversary of the band, Guttersnipe will return full power to the ruins of underground rock music with a major, month-long European tour. New compositions and new approaches, augmented with new technologies for exploring ever more far-flung regions of derangement, gesture, joy and multi-species physical phenomena.

Their debut LP ‚My Mother The Vent‘ was released at the end of 2018 on Upset The Rhythm records and was 4th in The Wire magazines top 50 albums of the year and 5th in Rolling Stone’s Top 10 avant-garde releases of 2018. They released a split LP with Berlin’s CUNTROACHES (Skin Graft Records) in spring 2020.

“Queer absurdist no wave noise rock abstract freak out. This is hard bop right here!” – Maximumrocknroll

„Guttersnipe are an ecstatic, disgusting, blown-out, art-groove-and-rainbow-noise yowl duo…it’s sheer chaos, spurts played with hardcore abandon by kids into Sun Ra and Beefheart and death metal, a Xenakis composition as a loft band.“ – Rolling Stone


Cuntroaches erscheinen verhüllt in rotem Dunst, dämonisch und lauter als die Hölle selbst. Seit 2015 zieht die Band von Festival zu Festival, und entweiht jedes einzelne davon – vom slowakischen Pohoda zum Berliner CTM oder LUFF – mit kompromisslosen, brutalen Klanglandschaften und absurden Live Performance-Elementen. Zu den Einflüssen des Trios gehören Metal, Punk, Hardcore und Noise.

Live treffen diese mal auf bierspeiende BHs, mal auf Ansammlungen an Tierfutterdosen, mal auf spektakulär irritierende Auftritte im Windelkostüm. Cuntroaches ecken an, suchen den Sinn im Unsinn und den Unsinn im Sinn, und verschieben performativ die Grenzen der Norm.

Auf dem Berliner Label Teratology and Instruments of Discipline veröffentlichten Cuntroaches eine 7“-Vinyl, während auf dem Glasgower Label Anxious Music gemeinsam mit der schwedischen Punkband Guttersnipe eine 12“-Vinyl erschien.

Since 2015, Berlin’s Cuntroaches have defiled countless venues across Europe + the UK, playing festivals such as Lausanne Underground Music & Film Festival, Pohoda, Nothing Nice To Say, Wolf City, Fluff Fest and CTM (captured by a 360 degree camera for the 2021 edition).

The trio’s influences range widely from metal to punk to hardcore to experimental noise, and these are channeled into a dense wall of sound (sometimes combined with performative mischief–if they’re in the mood). Audiences have been subjected to spewing beer bra harnesses, diaper outfits, empty pet food containers or witnessed band members performing from the inside of a trash bag. They’ve thrown a lot of trash on a lot of people.

Cuntroaches have been featured in Maximum Rocknroll, Noisey and CVLT Nation. They self-released their demo on cassette in 2016 and an EP on the Berlin-based labels, Teratology and Instruments of Discipline on 7″ vinyl, in 2018. They released a 12” split record with UK’s Guttersnipe on Anxious Music (Glasgow) in 2020. In 2023, Cuntroaches directed their first music video for the track, Borborygmus, which was included as part of the compilation Sounds To Make You Shudder put out by SKiN GRAFT Records the same year. The track Borborygmus is part of the upcoming Cuntroaches album, scheduled for release in 2024 on SKiN GRAFT Records.

“Something is exigently not right with this band.”
– Maximum Rocknroll #405

“CUNTROACHES are the most important and life-affirming band on the planet.”
– MRR #410 (WN)

„Pieeeep, fiiiiieeep, knarrrrzzzzzzzz, wummer, brummmm… einfach kaputt.“
– Plastic Bomb #96

“If your colleagues ever ask you what sort of music you are into, show them this and they might never ever bother you with anything personal.”
-Viktor Vargyai, MRR #453 (Cuntroaches/Guttersnipe split LP review)