GLOBAL FYRE 2099™ pres. GORO / DJ GÄP / YBsole / Shinsekai / L$A (live) / Hyperpiss (live)

sa 26112223:30 Abendkassa Club DJ Live
The world as we know is passing away, undergoing a delicate metamorphosis, a phase that also occurs in our childhood while tripping to maturity
Let’s celebrate every step towards endless dystopia 💀🔥⚡️
discovery in the high grass and gotta catch ‚em all inside a Pokeball.
Inside this liminal space, we shall never forget how to see the world with a child’s eye and being infused with restless energy of EVOLVING into our final form.
GLOBAL FYRE 2099™ presents
Goro’s unconventional output is the result of his studies of Indian classical music and the relationship between sound and meditation, paired with channeling his own musical background of Bulgaria and exploring its connection to Oriental music. All of this is of course presented within the context of contemporary club music. After releasing his debut EP “Remember Who You Are” in 2017, the Berlin-based producer has been quite active, following up with a series of singles and compilation appearances for various underground labels, which evolved at the beginning of 2018 into self-releasing tracks on a monthly basis, that received even greater recognition than the ones released with labels. This led Goro to playing numerous gigs, from regular sets in Berlin (including clubs like Berghain and Ohm) to touring worldwide. While remaining independent, his music has also gained the support of some longer-established names including WEDIDIT Collective, Scratcha DVA, Ikonika, NAAFI, Kastle, Air Max ‘97, and more.
DJ GÄP is an Eastern European producer and DJ from Bratislava, whose music flows in high contrasts somewhere between reggaeton, industrial, 90s R’N’B and club deconstructions. His work has been released on labels such as Ashida Park, JEROME, SIRENS and Mäss. Pirated bootlegs and edits tapes – Screw Ups & Mistakes, have received numerous positive responses from Soundcloud scene as well as NTS Radio or Chico Sonido’s Show on Dublab. ‘Bird Attack’ from his latest release ‘Burning Brakes’ has been featured in recent Mugler SS22 Film, musically directed by Big Gay Idiot dj (fka Total Freedom). DJ GÄP’s music could be described as a celebration of diversity and demolition of the fictitious boundaries between pop and experimental music.
YBsole is a musician, producer, sound artist, curator and DJ based in Vienna, Austria. He is currently studying electroacoustic and experimental music at the MDW, Vienna. His Dj-sets range between Rave, Deconstructed Club, Hardstyle, Ambient and Trap.
🔥Hyperpiss (live)
HYPER PISS, active since 2005 and growing ever since on the edges of Brutal diseased noise, brain synapses on fire, harsh chainsaw jungle/dub soundwrecks, violent cut-up broken beat/grind/rave and overdriven death polka collapse. Every kind of horrible noise and distorted/tortured/spastic muzik is possible! Infect the underground!
🔥L$A (live)
LṠA : electronic music, songwriting, audio-collage
🔥DJ Shinsekai
a wholesome DJ troll, best known for „chaotic“ and „ugly“ closing sets at our parties, no one knows where this alien energy comes from and in what way this will end 👽 🔥 let’s transcend into another dimension!
🔥Lasers by IGLF

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