EmBRaCe ThE eVOLUtioN: Xmas RAVE Edition

do 21122323:00 Abendkassa Club DJ

After the Chaos gods graced us with their visit and we had to update the original planning, we are now raving tonight, THURSDAY 21st, into the Christmas holidays!

Come to @rhizvienna for exquisit hard tunes by
Smart Export (vinyl)
and myself :3

@globalfyre x @dynamiceventsberlin
Freu mich auf euch <3 🎄🎁🎅🛷🎄 GLOBAL FYRE 2099™ invites you to an unparalleled sonic odyssey, breaking the norms and embracing the extraordinary. This Christmas, immerse yourself in a realm of transformation, dismemberment, recreation, and transcendence. Reflecting the world's unrest, anxiety, technical progress, and futuristic dreams, we prioritize F.U.N. (Finally Understanding Nothing) and infuse the spirit of P.L.U.R. (peace, love, unity, respect) into every basswave. Dynamic Events Berlin, the groundbreaking rave series with a queerfeminist ethos, has been spreading Christmas cheer in Berlin's electronic music scene since 2019. Dedicated to giving long-deserved space behind the decks to FLINTA and BIPOC communities, DYNAMIC stands for powerful Hard Dance, where ravers and artists alike uplift one another on the dance floor. Revel in a celebration that defines "what electronic club music should be," navigating the ultimately unknowable sonic possibilities for an ecstatic rave journey with us. Get ready to immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience with an exciting musical journey through Hardcore and Hard Trance that promises to elevate the vibrations. In the spirit of rave awareness, we kindly ask all guests to be respectful and take care of one another, creating a space where unity and respect can thrive. Join us on December 21st from 22h for a night that transcends boundaries and sets the floor ablaze. 🔊🎅🕺