DJ Sets by: Asifeh x Firas Shehadeh x Bana x DaShezzl

fr 17032323:00 Abendkassa DJ
DJ Sets in the following order:
-> Firas Shehadeh (
Firas Shehadeh is a Palestinian artist and researcher based in Vienna.
His work engages with worldbuilding, meaning, aesthetics, and identity after/on the Internet.
Asifeh (aka Stormtrap) is a Palestinian Vienna-based producer/rapper. His work consists of rap vocals, sampled material, and original compositions using modern and abandoned technologies. He is co-founder of the former Ramallah Underground collective.
Bana is a Palestinian social designer and DJ based in Vienna.
Her sets are characterized by a strong feminine energy, blending various styles of female rap, drill, and electronic beats.
Da Shezzl is a Vienna-based DJ and builder of analog synthesizers.
Founder of Urban Playground, a platform that supports subcultures and youth in Carinthia.
With a technical emphasis in turntableism, his DJ style is centered around experimental hip hop and bass music.
Start time: 23:00
Entry ticket (at the door): 5 Eur