Club Night – DJ Ume/Angie G/Miyra Lim/Helix

fr 01122323:30 Spende Club DJ

A Night full of House and Electronic Music 🪩

Come early, stay late ✨

Hi online world, join us on the 1.12. at @rhiz for a night dedicated to house music!
We can‘t wait to spend some quality time with our community and everybody interested in it ❤️‍🔥🪩
The aim of our event is to celebrate house music, its dance culture and our community. House culture allowed us to experience what connection and uplifting each other through music, dance and community can feel like. This helps us face our daily struggles and offers a wholesome alternative to harmful partying. Coming out of this mindset, we would like to curate a party for our community and people interested in it to explore and shape such alternative spaces.
Please be aware of other partygoers boundaries and wellbeing. We have a zero tolerance policy for any type of discrimination or behavior that negatively affects fellow partygoers. If you experience or see anything that doesn’t feel right, please contact one of us or our awareness team.