w/ Natasha Moreno, SHIKOBA

fr 08122320:00 Live
Natasha Moreno is a live performance and sound installation artist focusing on modular synthesis and microtonal sound processing. With a background in science, Natasha is in search of a systematic approach to working with music, which brings complexity to her sound design, composition and concepts.
Her style is a mixture of ambient soundscapes, microtonal melodies, developing textures and abrupt moments of harsh noise. She is currently collaborating with several artists including Jorge Berumen (Mexico), Shikoba (Germany) and working on solo projects.
SHIKOBA‘s Live-Set is known for its avantgarde and experimental approach to electronic music, incorporating tribal and ritualistic elements. The music of SHIKOBA is often characterized by immersive soundscapes, unique rhythms, and unconventional use of electronic instruments, field recordings and vocal chants.
SHIKOBA’s music is known to be innovative, pushing the boundaries of traditional musical conventions and creating transformative sonic experiences.