Belgian Blue // Support: Filiah

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The Belgian Blue is an Indie-folk project, born of an Irish, Americana crossover and based in Vienna, Austria. The band combines precise lyricism and warm melodies with raw emotional stage energy to create a sound which is both contemporary and exciting. After gaining recognition through their spirited busking performances on the streets of Vienna, the band now with the addition of 3 new members is quickly becoming one of the city’s most-anticipated new bands with plans to release their debut E.P. in 2024.


Filiah’s music feels like it comes out of a shadow and wraps you in light. The lyrics and her delivery are emotive. There is a substance to her tone that seems like more than words can share. (Independent Music Reviews)

The singer-songwriter Filiah has been in love with words since childhood. Thanks to her mum, she grew up surrounded by records and great songwriters, soon taught herself how to play the guitar and wrote her first poems and songs at the age of 10.

Over time she experimented with different projects and collaborations in various genres, although acoustic instruments always held a very dear place in her heart, making her find her way back to her roots of Indie Folk time and again.

In her music she tells her story openly and bluntly, using it as an outlet to process her most personal feelings as an attempt of understanding them better. Nevertheless, her lyrics leave plenty of room for individual interpretation.

This is also where her name stems from- a dedication to the singer’s “love of the mind“.