Three For Silver (US) live

Devil`s Folk from Portland

di 03052220:00 Abendkassa Live
Three For Silver combine elements of Tom Waits and Mumford and Sons with a touch of Balkan charme á la Gogol Bordello – but with a very own style that is second to none. With a minimal line-up, the trio manages to create big sound while getting people dancing with ease.
The “singing bad weather report” Tom Waits never comes to town. Unfortunately. More than compensation, Three for Silver is one of Portland, Oregon’s hottest acts.
“…and she came on stage, the band whose founding on the old continent represents a travesty of fate, a mockery executed by God, because the breeding ground for development was withdrawn from them. But as the rasping guitars died away, the rumbling bass and pounding drums died away, and the honest voice gently faded away, I saw Blind Willie McTell, Madame LaLaurie and Tennessee Williams Whiskey waving mildly at the stage from the far corner of the room. ..”
Old Brown Shoes were founded in Vienna in 2008. Their music contains elements from Blues, Rock and Folk. The lyrical landscape is characterized by melancholic but also cheerful short stories. In doing so, they prove that Americana can not only be created in Lousiana, but also in the reed belts of Burgenland.
The band Satelites orbits the planet of RockArgentino. In their songs you can hear borrowings from music from the 80s and 90s, which could be located in the New and Alternative Rock of America’s east coast or in London or Berlin, such as that of the bands theCure, ThePolice, TalkingHeads, DavidBowie and others. Above all, we are big fans of the Argentinean band Soda Stereo. This band is almost unknown in Central Europe, although they are one of the most important rock bands of their time. It connects generations of people across Latin America with good music. What initially strikes you about Soda Stereo is the synthesis of tight, energetic and catchy riffs and the beauty of the lyrical prose. Loud/quiet verse/choral changes and layered build-ups place this music in the familiar world of 80’s and 90’s pop rock.