Gábor Lázár (Planet Mu, HU), Dorian Concept (Brainfeeder, AT) LIVE, dj set by Inou Ki Endo

do 10032220:00 VVK + Abendkassa Club Live
Gábor Lázár is a sound artist living and working in Budapest. Gábor’s works are real-time recordings of specific combinations of synthesis and compositional techniques.
His music has been described as “glorious and actually pretty damn funky” by The Guardian, as “a Robert Hood CD glitched up” by Norman Records, and mentioned by Secret Thirteen as “challenging, dynamic and strictly mathematical composing style varying between extreme academism and some kind of reasonable musical barbarism, Gábor is currently building a future of electronic music”.
His early works were released as a split tape with Russell Haswell, his first album ‘ILS’ was released on Lorenzo Senni’s imprint Presto!?. In 2015 Gábor collaborated with Mark Fell on the album ‘The Neurobiology Of Moral Decision Making’. In 2018 Gábor released his album ‘Unfold’ on The Death Of Rave. His latest release ‘Boundary Object’ will be released end of February 2022 via Planet Mu, following ‘Source’.
JUNG AN TAGEN (Editions Mego, Etat)
Jung An Tagen invites us to reflect on the diffuse but persistent term “experimental” not as deviation from aesthetic orthodoxy, but as the design and implementation of compositional systems that offer unpredictable results; “electronic” as an annulment of the previous instrumental tradition, and as a simultaneous reversion towards aesthetic openness; as the fragmentation of a theoretical or mythical musical syntax by obsessive repetition, sequential motivic mutations, aleatoric arrays, pareidolic illusions and moiré effects; “electronic” as the ultimate split, dehumanization, mechanic strangeness.
Backed up by 2 decades of discographic activity under diverse pseudonyms and multiple collaborations on labels such as Editions Mego and Diagonal, Stefan Juster performs tirelessly at Festivals like Unsound or Sonic Acts, researching the boundaries of techno and dissociative computer music. Testing strategies of physical disorientation and forceful sonic phenomena, encouraging minds and bodies to calculate and intuit their own place in spacetime. It’s addictive music. Music in constant explosion.
In 2020 Jung founded the netlabel label Setting aside any hint of expressionist gestures, one is left with form and abstract sound, emotional alienation: “dissociative, psychoacoustic, computer music”.
Das Augsburger Messer
oder das Messer der Philippine Welser
I would slice the smoked meat as well as the bread with the knife (…) that hung on the wall of the Black Kitchen (…). W. did not dare handle it, he was afraid even to pick it up, (…) the uncommonly fine <philosophical chasing> (W.) on both sides of the sharp blade (…) interested us, appealed to us . . . at night W. ́s fantasies would often revolve around the knife . . . he feared that in his own hand it would only be used to <inflict pain that would not otherwise occur,> that was the idea that haunted him as far as the knife was concerned, he feared that the <artwork from Augsburg that belonged to our uncle> would become a stabbing weapon as soon as it was in his hands . . .
Update 9.3.2022: We’re sorry to inform you that Jung An Tagen and Augsburger Messer have to postpone their gig due to health issues. Get well soon dears! Standing in for them is no one less than BRAINFEEDER’s Dorian Concept who is going to perform a solo synth improv set!!
Supported by MA7 Kultur – Stadt Wien, BMKOES, SKE