Signal Zirkus 026 | Eiszapfen

di 28012020:30 Abendkassa Live Performance

EISZAPFEN | for the 26th edition of the SIGNAL ZIRKUS, we’re looking forward to 3 very different approaches in electronic music.

––– LINE UP –––

Mamíferos is a proyect of caveman-pop. An intermitemint process of improvisation, Instant composition, edgy performances and missshapen sense of orchestration by the colombian composer and producer Santiago Jimenez aka Inversau. In 2019 Mamiferos released its first EP and first album by In-correcto records and TVL records in Colombia and Argentina. Mammals are vertebrate animals characterized by the presence of mammary glands. “Lactation” is a noun that gathers two verbal forces: offer and receive, feed and eat. Mamíferos makes electronic music for distant future caveman.

LARGEMAN & MISSINGNO (WIEN/AT) – audiovisual performance
„This time I will take you through a journey distorting time. I will try to do my longest set today and I will try not to fail. I told myself to make time the main topic of this concert. How texture and constructs change from certain viewpoints, and these viewpoints are different time settings. I have never set a topic for a live concert before, so this is new as well. Times are changing and I’ll try my best to be in between this experimental topic and some more danceable arrangements. Maybe even some Kraut again, but probably not this time. let’s see, let time tell the story…“

Evren da Conceição is a DJ, music producer, sound and performance artist who works in club, public space, theater, film and gallery contexts. She is best known for her highly energetic, driving and intense DJ sets and live electronic music performances, which are influenced by a wide range of styles, be it underground techno, acid, electro or experimental electronic music. Her affection for analogue sounds and machines drives her to mix in a hard, uncompromising style, combining industrial beats with acidic, spacey, tribal, dubby and ambient elements.

––– ABOUT –––
3 artists perform live sets (20-50 minutes). In the break there’s a Modular Bits synthesizer workshop conducted by RAW VOLTAGE – Modular Store Vienna

Looking forward – see you at Rhiz
Markus & Erwin
& the whole SIGNAL ZIRKUS Crew