Schtum Release-Show “Feed” / Via App (Bank Rec, US)


fr 07061921:00 Abendkassa Live Party
SCHTUM Release-Show “FEED”, the duo of Manu Mayr and Robert Pockfuß, distills the spectrum of oscillatory rhythm, noise, and microtonality into an aesthetic lying somewhere between the organic and the machine. Processes are set in motion by the instruments, only to be stressed and superimposed, decontextualized and deformed, until – like an exhausted voice – they break. In this electroacoustic world of feedback loops, sub-bass interference and twittering noise, an outline emerges: the shape of the field upon which schtum plays.

VIA APP (Break World Records, BANK Records NYC)

Dylan Scheer aka Via App is a key member of Brooklyn’s emerging electronic music underground. She has done this in a short period of time and is creating a sound all her own while doing so. Expect angular tones and her characteristic manic drum patterns. The occasional screwball samples are infused with clean production. Her style is hard, disruptive, and her approach to production intends to test ordinary listeners and DJs alike. This is a record made for the socially unhinged.

DJ: tba

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supported by MA7, Stadt Wien