rhizomatic internodes w/ Ambient Animal & special guest: Maruko5 (JP)

do 28102120:00 frei DJ
extended dj set
Ambient Animal [sama recordings]
<rhiz resident>
special guest: Maruko5 (JP)
Expect a warm-up set oscillating between obscure japanese pop music from the 60s and groovy Bossa Nova/Samba gems from Brazil.
Music conaisseur, dj, producer, event host and sama recordings label head Benedikt Guschlbauer aka Ambient Animal lives and works in Vienna.
Since May 2018 he hosts and curates his own monthly Radio Ragweed show on London based community station Threads*.
free admission
kindly supported by Vienna Business Agency
For your own safety and the safety of others, please make sure to respect all Covid19 regulations during your time at rhiz! Thank you & enjoy your time!