rhiz pres. Balans (SLO) live

Support: Svila

sa 14052220:00 Abendkassa Live

rhiz pres.

Balans (SLO) & Svila live

The Slovenian underground band balans was formed by Andrej Pervanje and Kristin Čona in 2013. They experiment with various genres, playing around with vocals, bass guitar, electric guitar, Ableton and effects. Since 2016 they have been collaborating with the Italian contemporary artist Alessandro Di Giampietro, with whom balans present exclusive audio-visual performances.
The post-punk versatility embodied in this 3 piece band from Ljubljana proves that their music knows no boundaries, nor does it try to transcend them. Their approach to creation, which skillfully maps everyday stories and feelings into a minimalist musical structure, is even more open and genuine this time around.


An atmospheric guitar soaked in fx chains, heavy basslines and electronically influenced live drums combine to an organic texture that is smooth as silk. The three-piece band was founded in Vienna in 2018 and is playing live again for the first time after a long experimentation period during the pandemic. Their sound contains influences of Post-Rock, Avantgarde-Electronics and Bass Music.

Doors: 20.00
Admission: 12 EUR

kindly supported by Bundesministerium für Kunst, Kultur, öffentlicher Dienst und Sport