Punzmann – Album Release Show “Hoquetus“ /// Support

Punzmann releases his Debut Album on Superego Records

do 04052319:30 Live
Pinpointing Christoph Punzmann’s artistic endeavors can be a challenge, given his multifaceted approach to creativity.
He operates as a composer using his given name, performs as a singer in the Viennese synthpop group “Ego,” and is proficient in playing the Zheng. This year, he is resurfacing as an electronic music producer and live performer under the moniker “Punzmann” to unveil his latest album, The Hoquetus LP.
Offered as a universal artwork focusing on instrumental music worked out on several continents. Located between electronic, experimental, improvised music and sound art.
Supported by Österreichischer Musikfonds, Stadt Wien Kultur & BMKOES.