Plot Toy presents

Live: Alley Catss (HU), Ursula Sereghy (CZ) & In My Talons (AT) 

fr 22042222:00 Abendkassa Club DJ Live Party Performance
Plot Toy presents

Alley Catss (HU)

DJ Hauswein (AT)
Trulla b2b Bootlicker (AT)
Doors: 10 EUR

A huge thanks goes out to cantante for designing the event poster!

Please note that the 2G+ rule (vaccinated and/or recovered + negative PCR test) applies to all visitors.
Feel free to reach out to us should you need more information regarding COVID safety measures.

There will be a donation box at the event. The money collected will be donated in support of the current humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

We ask you to pay attention and respect boundaries, if you don’t act accordingly you’re out.
The crew is there for you!

kindly supported by BMKOES