LIVE: Small Souki & The Big Trouble Band

Support: Light The Unknown

do 07072219:30 Abendkassa Live
Small Souki & The Big Trouble Band
In the rhyme of melancholic tunes, the blues flourish, the mirror is being put back together and the experiment begins.
Small Souki is a Greek musician/music-therapist and mathematician, who arrived in multicultural Vienna to meddle the city’s consistency with the elements of the South, recreate musical patterns, opening the space to her guests, to explore the limits of their norms under changes in the musical background.
Together with the Big Trouble Band, they fuzz the air with melody and fusion in a lyrical trance.
psychedelic grunge echoes
The Big Trouble Band:
Roxanne Szankovich
Atreju Fiedler
Helmut Klausser
Light The Unknown
Light The Unknown is a Viennese independent band originally formed in 2011. Exploring different ways of expression through Psychedelic, Alternative, Indie and Post-Punk music. Light The Unknown features two musicians in different roles. The EP Change / Invisible is the first creation of Johann “MJ” Redl & Victor Rodriguez, as well as a way of criticism to different systems and ways of life.
Admission: 12 EUR