LIVE: Back To Babel (EP Release) + Blending Borders

sa 12112219:30 VVK + Abendkassa Live

In Autumn 2022 Back To Babel will release their first EP “Light Leaks” on Vinyl, CD and online.
To celebrate the EP release properly, on Saturday November 12th they will hit the stage of rhiz Vienna. Blending Borders will support them and also bring new material with them.

Tickets can be purchased directly from the bands from mid-September!


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Back To Babel:
The Viennese band “Back To Babel” was founded in 2015 and has been playing with the current line-up since 2018. Stylistically, the formation covers a varied, broad spectrum in the experimental rock area thanks to the diverse musical backgrounds of the individual band members. From blaring guitar parts and ruthless drumming to groovy bass lines to soft piano sounds and floating, atmospheric sections, everything can be found in the music.
Lyrically, mostly portraits of shattered people are drawn, those of seekers. The lyrics are introspective and the society surrounding the individual is looked at with a great deal of sensitivity. Themes such as melancholy, nostalgia, disorientation, insecurity, fragility, skepticism, lethargy and dealing with difficult social circumstances characterize most of the songs, but without completely sinking into world pain. Rather, the search for catharsis and the hinted glimmer of hope are in the foreground.


Blending Borders:
Blending Borders is a band from Lower Austria founded in 2015 around guitarist, singer and songwriter Oliver Pichler.
Stylistically, the band can be assigned to rock, although influences from other genres can also be heard. Experimental and also quite progressive sounds can be found in the music. A colorful world of sound opens up that invites you to explore it! The different parts of the songs often tell a story not only lyrically but also musically.