Haram Tapes X Vanity Vague

LIVE: Haram Tapes (UK), Sumatran Black (UK), Sentics (AT) // Haram Tapes dj set, Vanity Vague dj set

fr 29102123:00 Abendkassa Club DJ Live
Haram Tapes X Vanity Vague presents
Haram Tapes dj set
Vanity Vague dj set
Doors: 10,-
kindly supported by Bundesministerium für Kunst, Kultur, öffentlicher Dienst und Sport
2G only ! (vaccinated or recovered)
Haram Tapes
„Formed by See Safari and Sumatran Black, Haram Tapes is a dark electro recording project developed across Vienna, Marrakesh, and Istanbul, sampling recent eyewitness interviews, street life, and birdsong from across these regions. Safari and Black’s mission statement is to provide“shadowy musical discourse on the displacement of people, suppression in the guise of religious obedience, and the seemingly inevitable global move towards authoritarianism.” – Pitchfork
Sumatran Black
Originally from the U.K but currently operating out of Istanbul, Sumatran Black specialises in a unique form of
melancholic dark ambient blackness he calls “Necro Chill”. Combining elements of Dark Ambient, Lo-Fi Synthwave and a lot of nostalgia, his work avoids the static cliches of Dark Ambient and is uncynically melodically orientated. His EP, “Elegy for a Lost Cosmonaut”, was met with general acclaim, with Bandcamp describing it as “genre-defining”.
A prolific producer, Sumatran Black is the creative force behind Black Box Memories, Atasehir, and Camomile Dawn. He is also one half of geopolitical electronic duo Haram Tapes.
mental wave music with dolphin calls.
This young independent musican Started his work back in 2012 making post punk music, clever and sometimes quite dark lyrics that are buoyed up by his great melodies. He seems happy to release these great songs on youtube but I think he should take the plunge and release something on bandcamp! – Campari Safari Blog