LIVE: Freischwimma (AT)

"BROFEZZEIUNG" Album Release Show

mi 29062220:00 Abendkassa Live

Austrian 3 piece rock band Freischwimma are celebrating their album release at rhiz Vienna.
They are getting the most sacred support from Bavaria in the form of the great song magician PHILIP BRADATSCH, who will let us hear songs from his album “Die Bar zur Gute Hoffnung”.

Philip Bradatsch (GER)
The bar for good hope is on a corner far away from any irony, in Munich, Hamburg, Vienna, Ohio. There the shadow captain sings, murmurs and plays alone and sums up without any resignation: what remains on dreary days than to say goodbye to the sadness? Philip Bradatsch has created a great album that will touch you go until the very end of the record and then accompanies you through every lousy area.

Freischwimma (AT)
Their new album “BROFEZZEIUNG” is as direct and pure as humanly possible. A reduction to the essentials in the trio. Nothing is polished and underproduced. Authenticity, genuineness, dirt, vagueness, coincidence, haste, procrastination and hesitation, happiness, lust and exuberance. Produced without a computer, completely analog on tape, without cuts, recorded directly live, several sets in a row, no single takes like on stage. The aim was to put the heart and the emotion into the musical focus. Loud and wild, but also beautiful music.
“The BROFEZZEIUNG is our lucky charm and the empowering realization that it’s simply great to do uncompromisingly what you want to do,” says Florian Kargl about the new work. So then, come by, heartily and take a piece of luck.
Listen to Freischwimma, get happy!

Freischwimma “BROFEZZEIUNG” will be available online and on vinyl from June 10th, 2022.