E+T feat. ZSAMM // Stroblak plays the Stroblazilla show

mi 03041921:00 Abendkassa Club Live

——–> ZSAMM <——–

> maja osojnik
(vocals, live sampling, dj-cd player and other lo-fi electronics)

> patrick wurzwallner

* * * * * * * * * * *

Slovenian electronic musician and vocalist Maja Osojnik and Austrian drummer Patrick Wurzwallner, aka ZSAMM perform Let Them Grow (named after her recent solo-album), a performance, that has a quite temperament and temperature. Osojnik / Wurzwallner enter darker and more violent realms at times sounding like a grunting and howling wolf pack, like fluttering bats in the dark, like a squealing sawmill or like a kind of distorted version of The Doors’ Break On Through (to the other side) finally ending in a vocal Reiβwolf. In a highly energetic set she navigates through electronic fields, radically morphing her often lo-fi electronic sounds to even the amorphous. Osojnik does not hide in violent electronics. Rather the ferocious electronics trigger the expressiveness of her angry voice. She acts as a nimble master/mistress of the switching button board, the mike and the voice in her hands. It reveales as a powerful as well as enigmatic performance that arouses curiosity.

+ Noise Chanson
+ An anthroposophical striptease of the soul, between dystopian chansons, primordial mantras, and musique concrète
+ Taut, tense and from the heart


hier my last solo album LET THEM GROW ( ——> zsamm live)
https://letthem.bandcamp.com/releases (digital shop)


Stroblak (Strobl Edda, Oblak Renate) arbeitet mit Elektronik und Stimme.

Das Duo hat sich aus der Band “Extofita” (http://www.rockarchiv.steiermark.at/cms/beitrag/12576155/29293241/) heraus entwickelt,
existiert seit 2009, macht gelegentlich auch Stop Motion Filme (http://stroblak.mur.at/dasvolk.html).

Stroblak: **THE STROBLAZILLA SHOW – Soundtracks for Movies to Come**

Stroblazilla war als Kurzfilm im Genre Kaijū Eiga (Monsterfilm) geplant. In der konzertanten Aufführung tanzt ein Performer in der Stroblazilla-Maske.

Die Stücke der Show sind wie Exposés für mögliche Filme diverser Genres.

Musikalisch verortet sich die Stroblazilla Show zwischen Industrial, Electro-Pop und Experimental (so irgendwie)…


foto: copyright Stefan Lozar