E+T feat. Mia Zabelka

mi 02101920:00 Live

E+T presents:

MIA ZABELKA – Cellular Resonance

Mia Zabelka brings intensive and experimental approaches to the archetypally classical sound object of the violin, using both physical and digital extended techniques (prepared objects in the strings, howling, an array of live electronics) to hone her own instrumental language.

The elemental physicality in the title CELLULAR RESONANCE reflects Mia Zabelka’s ongoing engagement with gesture and sound and ever-evolving exploration of her instrument. For this album, Zabelka’s distinctive processed violin sounds, screaming, howling and moaning through adapted analogue and digital guitar effects.

Lydia Lunch describes Mia Zabelka’s work as “visceral, cerebral and sensual. A gorgeous, haunting sound which employs classical interpretation and experimental improvisation to transcend musical genres, creating a sonic surround uniquely her own. She inhabits a sonic universe lush with soul cleansing vibrancy.”


MIA ZABELKA is an Austrian experimental violinist, improviser and noise artist with a Czech, Jewish and French family background.
She has given concerts and performances at many festivals throughout Europe, America and Asia. Numerous CD, vinyl and video releases. Recipient of highly regarded prizes and awards (3- time winner of the Prix Ars Electronica, The Akademia Music Award).