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ENTKUNSTUNG is publishing its third yearbook in December!

Anne High | Sniffin Glue
DJ Warzone | Horsepower
Luca Carlotta | Ghost_Notes

Since 2017 we have been committed to creating critical content alongside more than 300 artists, writers and musicians from around the world through our yearbooks, online journal, group show, online exhibition, and more than 20 performances and live-electronic music events.

We want to remain autonomous, critical and independent to keep our engagement with artists and writers dedicated to the reflection and production of contemporary art and cultural criticism. Therefore, we need your support!

The year 2020 is going to be exciting! We will have a new website and a monthly program of podcasts, and we will continue with our already established events, such as performances, live electronic music, and group shows, and of course the annual publication.

To help us out, you can become a supporter—and get our first two books as digital pdfs—or order our publications, vinyl records, and soon articles of our upcoming line of merch!

We are grateful for all levels of donations and support!


Entry: €5
Become a Supporter €10 | ENTKUNSTUNG I+II on PDF
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Looking forward to seeing you on the dancefloor!