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Sakura (AUT)

Drawing inspiration from the alternative 90’s, 80’s synth pop and 70’s folk to create an ethereal universe of dreamy and distorted soundscapes, Sakura pens hard hitting, yet vulnerable music that allows listeners to gain insight into her world. Japanese and Chinese by blood, born and raised in Hong Kong, matured in London and currently based in Vienna, she crafts with her heart on her sleeve. Candid lyricism ranging from topics of social and political significance, to a ‘dear diary’, matter-of-fact approach covering love, heartbreak and everything in between, Sakura defies genre and sensibility to write her own brand of emotionally compelling indie rock.

The releases of ‘Lovesick’ in June 2019 a dreamy and summery single confronting the throes of an unrequited love that borderlines on obsession, and ‘What am I here for?’ in October 2019, a dark and atmospheric ballad about longing for a sense of purpose and direction in life, have been met with airplay from notable stations such as Soho Radio (London), FM4 radio (Austria), Spotify editorial playlist ‘Indie Radar’, and media coverage (Analoguetrash, Girlunderground..).

Sakura maintains a fiercely independent, innovative, and DIY approach to her music that lends itself to all aspects of life as an indie musician. With the release of Lovesick, she curated Zine’s that include a digital download to the single in support of East West organisation, and their work in holistic rehabilitation for substance addiction in Thailand. Following the release of Lovesick, Sakura embarked on a solo month long tour around Austria, Germany, Hungary and the Czech Republic performing intimate living room shows, busking and satisfying her natural wanderlust.

Sakura has supported Japanese-American indie-rock powerhouse Mitski, and concluded 2019 by opening for indie-folk fan favourite Plási.’ She is currently working on her debut album, set to be released in early 2021.


Combat Beach (AUT)

Combat Beach ist das power-pop Projekt von Moritz Irion. Ursprünglich bekannt aus Tätigkeiten am Bass in verschiedenen hardcore, punk und emo Bands (u.a. Better Run, Skeleton Ivy) hat er sich für dieses Projekt dem Songwriting, Gitarre spielen und Singen verschrieben.

Es ist wichtig den eigenen Gefühlen Ausdruck zu verleihen, sowohl positiven als auch negativen. Die Beschäftigung mit diesem Thema im Zusammenhang mit den Komplikationen und Eskapaden des alltäglichen Lebens schafft die Texte hinter den melodiösen, ausdrucksstarken power-pop songs von Combat Beach.

Der Powerpop aus der Vorstadt der Vorstadt wird im Frühjahr 2020 auf der ersten EP “Either Way Why Worry” (via Gartenhaus Records) zu hören sein.

Am 22.5. besteht zum ersten Mal die Möglichkeit Combat Beach live zu erleben.


AK: 10€

Flyer by Elin Käll