Sanna Lu Una // Sophia Hörmann

Sound Performance, Slide Performance und Hörfrau Kollektiv Dj set

do 01102020:00 Spende Live Performance
Sound / Performance
Sanna Lu Una’s music is intuitive, it reflects sounds and words that arise during the process and enters into dialogues with them. The deeply dense voice brings the unspoken to the surface. Inspired by caves, forces of nature, longings, beings, myths and legends.
Slide Performance / Club Version
Between the poles of control and ecstasy, the relationship between being and imagining can become a slippery balancing act. In her figure-skating-inspired solo dance performance GLOWING current moods, Sophia Hörmann presents a body that gives in to the illusion of change, hoping for the ultimate “glow” experience, only to give one’s own ordinariness an extraordinary touch. Premiered 2019 at imagetanz Festival brut Wien.
HÖRFRAU Kollektiv Dj set

Entrance: 8pm
Free Donation (proposal 7 EUR)