Accordia #70 – “Bang! Bang!”

Live: Bang Bang Band Girl (NL /"It's Monsters Meeting Time" radio show) – DJs: Alaska Albi & Universal Beatnik

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ACCORDIA – 1. Österreichischer Schallplattenclub #70- „Bang! Bang!“ – 1950s, 60s & 70s Exotica, Rock-N-Roll & Garage Punk Nuggets from all over the World!

Live: Bang Bang Band Girl (NL /”It’s Monsters Meeting Time” radio show) – DJs: Alaska Albi & Universal Beatnik

A One Lady Band – Sheri Corleone originally from Valparaíso, Chile, started playing as a one lady band in 2011. A lover of Rock & Roll in its truest and rawest essence, she replenishes her primitive roots and Rockabilly, Surf, Garage, Trash Blues influences by digging out rough diamonds from the No Wave and Noise genre. She took part in the first “Old School Sudamericass Monobandas!” compilation, released by Scrap Metal Dealer Records (Argentina) with the first single, “Lies,” which was later remixed by Philippe Gilard and also included on the Rock Hardi on the 43 compilation (France). The first EP “Lies” (2013) was released by French label Kizmiaz Records . Also can mention the split with Argentinian one man band Trash Colapso on Death Roots Syndicate (USA) called „One Foot On Death Road“ that was released on Trash Wax Rds. In October 2018, Kizmiaz Records released a special compilation, “A Date With Kizmiaz Records” to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the record label, including a track by Bang Bang Band Girl: “A New Cave”. Wasting no time, Bang Bang Bang Girl immediately started touring in 2011, with performances in Chile, Argentina, Peru and Brazil… but that wasn’t enough for our Rock n Roll heroine. In 2015 she left for Europe, playing with many well-known One Man Bands and great full-sized bands and is still touring around all over this continent. On May 31st Bang Bang Band Girl will play her first ever performance in an Austrian club. Give it up for Bang Bang Band Girl live at Accordia #70!!!